''Destiny Travel'' is organising private tours  in Armenia and Artsakh. Private tours can be ordered any day to any destination and travel sites.The presented price include transportation expenses,national sweets and soft drinks.Meanwhile,the prices of the tours with guide include also Armenian,Russian or English-speaking guides service.In case of organizing tours in other languages some changes are possible in the price.With our  day trips you can enjoy the beautiful and historical travel  sites of Armenia.

 Private Tours

Destination  1-3  pax 4-6 pax

7-21  pax

Guide service
1. Yerevan city tour   15.000 AMD20.000 AMD 45.000AMD+20.000AMD
2. Garni,  Geghard,  Arch of Charents  20.000 AMD28.000AMD 50.000AMD+20.000AMD
3. Garni,Geghard,Arch of Charents,Ejmiatsin,Zvartnots,Khor Virap40.000 AMD50.000 AMD 120.000AMD+25.000AMD
4. Garni,Geghard,Arch of Charents,Tsaxkadzor,Lake Sevan40.000 AMD50.000 AMD 105.000AMD+25.000AMD
5. Ejmiatsin,Zvartnots18.000 AMD25.000 AMD 50.000AMD+20.000AMD
6. Khor Virap20.000 AMD28.000 AMD 55.000 AMD+20.000AMD
7. Yerevan City tour,Khor Virap28.000 AMD35.000 AMD 85.000 AMD+25.000AMD
8. Lake Sevan(Sevanavank)18.000 AMD25.000 AMD 65.000 AMD+20.000AMD
9. Lake Sevan,Tsaxkadzor city30.000 AMD37.000 AMD 80. 000AMD+25.000AMD
10. Lake Sevan(Sevanavank),Dilijan city,Haghartsin,Goshavank40.000 AMD50.000 AMD 90.000 AMD+25.000AMD
11. Yenokavan(Yell Extreme Park)44.000 AMD53.000AMD 100.000AMD+25.000AMD
12. Khor Virap,Areni winery,Noravank38.000 AMD45.000 AMD 90.000 AMD+25.000AMD
13. Khor Virap,Areni winery,Noravank,Tatev (Monastery,Ropeway)70.000 AMD80.000 AMD 170.000AMD+27.000AMD
14. Khor Virap,Areni winery,Noravank,Jermuk(Waterwall,Ropeway,Minerals)50.000 AMD60.000 AMD110.000AMD +25.000AMD
15. Saghmosavank,Ohanavank,Armenian Alphabet Monument,Amberd30.000 AMD40.000 AMD 80.000 AMD+25.000AMD
16. Ashtarak city(Old Bridge, Surb Karmravor,Oshakan)24.000 AMD33.000 AMD 60.000 AMD+25.000AMD
17. Haghpat,Sanahin50.000 AMD60.000 AMD 115.000AMD+25.000AMD
18. Karabakh(Stepanakert,Shushi,Gandzasar)85.000 AMD100.000AMD 270.000AMD+30.000AMD
19. Gyumri city tour(Beer factory,Marmarashen)42.000 AMD52.000 AMD 90.000 AMD+25.000AMD