Rise over the hills

  • 5 days
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Destiny Travel
5 day tour package in Armenia

Day 1
 Arrival in Yerevan,Tranfer to the hotel.
 Accommodation in a 3 star hotel.
 City tour.
 Welcome dinner in a restaurant with national cuisine.

Day 2
 Breakfast at the hotel.
 Visit to the monastery Aruch.
 Visit to the monastery, Talin.
 Kosh.
 Visit to the fortress Dashtadam.
 Return to the hotel.

Day 3
 Breakfast at the hotel.
 Trip to the monastery Sagmosavank, located above the high gorge at the river Kasakh. Date of foundation 1215–1235.
 A trip to the Oganavank monastery. At one time the monastery was one of the main and significant monasteries of Armenia. In it was kept a shroud in which Jesus Christ was enveloped, and the nail with which his right hand was nailed.
 Stop near the monument of the Armenian alphabet.
 Trip to Lake Kari, a high mountain lake in Armenia, located on the slopes of Mount Aragats. The lake in winter is mostly covered with snow and ice. Located at an altitude of 3207 m above sea.
 Return to the hotel.

Day 4
 Breakfast at the hotel.
 Visit to the highland Lake Sevan, at an altitude of about 1900 m; the largest lake of the Caucasus. Area - 1240 km ².
 Visiting the monastery complex Sevanavank, a monastery on the northwest coast of Lake Sevan. At the end of the 8th century, several monks settled on the island of Sevan, who built their cells and a chapel here.
 Visiting the city of Dilijan, familiarization with the culture of the region.
 We drive to the monastery of Haghpat, which is distinguished by the unity and compactness of the asymmetrical layout, beautiful silhouette on the mountainous terrain of the area.
 Visit to the monastery complex Sanahin. The monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin in 1996 were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
 Return to the Yerevan.

Day 5
 Breakfast at the hotel.Visiting the churches city Echmiadzin.
 Visit to the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the main church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Since 2000, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.
 Visit to the 3 churches of the saints:
 The temple of Gayane, Hripsime, Shoghakat (According to legend, these temples were erected in honor of the martyrs - the first Christians who fled Rome from the persecution of the emperor . Temples were erected at the places of death of these three holy virgins.
 Zvartnots temple, which in translation from ancient Armenian means ‘’Temple of the Vigil Angels",
 Transfer to the airport.

2-6 people. -------230.000 AMD
7-17 people. -198.000 AMD
18 or more ---160.000 AMD


 Hotel accommodation
 Transfer to / from airport (a)
 Transportation Services
 food: breakfast
 Welcome dinner in a restaurant
 Professional Gid (English, Russian)
 All tickets
 Free WI-FI
 Local sweets and a bottle of water per day
 Gifts



2-6 people. --230.000 AMD

7-17 people. -198.000 AMD

18 or more ---160.000 AMD